l paint portrait pictures of dogs, cats, children etc. But of course receive other orders and ideas!

DETAILED DIGITAL PORTRAIT 650 kr/ 63 usd/ 57 euro
Canvas  1450 kr/ 140 usd/ 125 euro(40x50)
QUICK DIGITAL PORTRAIT 450 kr /43 usd/ 39 euro

* I make digital paintings in my computer. You get the image as a file, download and print it yourself.

* Canvas prints I paint with acrylic on canvas. Ready to hang up!

In both cases, I usually ask for photographs that are close to the very subject you want painted. Most qualities work well. However, if you want a detailed painting, it is best to have a photograph of slightly better quality. If you are looking for a pop-art-like painting, it does not matter if the photograph is grainy. Payment is made after the painting is complete and you then get a "preview".

For orders or other questions please contact me on instagram, facebook or via email!

Yours sincerely / Jessika Gyllström